Stephen Cho

Relishing the space between.
Building, advising, and investing in startups.


A handful of business ideas I've been thinking about (some VC-backable and others not):

Productize and scale the UWaterloo co-op program to multiple universities and geographiesStartup finance job boardA physical journal that guides 1on1 meetings between managers and their direct reports


My recommended (not exhaustive) list of books and podcasts:

Essays :: Paul Graham
Venture Deals :: Brad Feld
High Growth Handbook :: Elad Gil
The Hard Thing About Hard Things :: Ben Horowitz

Behavioral Psychology
Thinking, Fast and Slow :: Daniel Kahneman
Nudge :: Richard Thaler

The Effective Executive :: Peter Drucker
High Output Management :: Andy Grove

Biographies & Memoirs
Steve Jobs :: Walter Isaacson
Personal History :: Katharine Graham
Thirst :: Scott Harrison
The Blue Sweater :: Jacqueline Novogratz
Educated :: Tara Westover

The Alchemist :: Paulo Coelho
Ready Player One :: Ernest Cline

How I Built This
The Knowledge Project
The Tim Ferriss Show
Conversations with Tyler
Twenty Minute VC
Masters of Scale
Revisionist History
Invest Like The Best